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Our Crew

Captain Ang, a first-generation Mexican American, is a living testament to the boundless opportunities America offers. With a determined spirit and unwavering dedication, she has carved her path to success, defying stereotypes and breaking barriers along the way.

At the young age of 19, Captain Ang achieved a remarkable milestone by obtaining her 100-ton master's captain's license. This accomplishment not only highlights her exceptional skills and knowledge but also showcases her fearless pursuit of her dreams. Standing out as the only female in her class, she defied gender norms and proved that passion knows no boundaries.

For Captain Ang, her profession is more than just a job; it is an all-consuming passion. She finds immense joy and fulfillment in her work as a captain, steering vessels and navigating the open waters. The thrill of the sea resonates deep within her, and every day feels like a blessing as she lives out her purpose.

One of the aspects that makes Captain Ang's career particularly rewarding is the opportunity to connect with people from all walks of life. Through her interactions with diverse individuals, she learns about different cultures, perspectives, and stories. It is through these encounters that she truly appreciates the rich tapestry of humanity and the beauty of embracing differences.

As a first-generation Mexican American, Captain Ang has unwavering belief in the American dream has propelled her forward. She embodies the spirit of seizing opportunities and embracing the possibilities that this great nation has to offer.



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